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Memories of Nanna’s garden

When I had to help clear my grandmother’s home in 2017, I was conflicted.

I was naturally devastated and deeply grieving over her recent death. Clearing the house I had known since I was a child seemed like such a final move. But beyond that it felt so intrusive and wrong.

Yet at the same time I loved it. You see I’m a nerd. A bonafide self-declared nerd who loves sorting, counting, collecting, categorizing and simplifying chaos. I’m also an emotionally sentimental sap who gets way too caught up in the history of a life hidden in photos, notes, journals and those quirky personal items left behind.

I also found that I offered a unique role in the clearing. My Mum and uncle were obviously grieving the more intense loss of their mother. Some decisions were really tough for them to make, and some areas (like the wardrobe) were naturally more difficult than others to tackle. So my distance and level head helped a lot in easing them through those moments to keep things moving. I also like to think I saved a lot of things from the bin by convincing them to at least put aside items they weren’t sure if others would want.

The memory of this experience stayed with me, and the seeds for Final Moves were planted.

What if I could bring my practical brain, my sentimental emotions, my writing skills, my nerd tendencies, and my lifelong desire to spend more time with the elderly together towards one dream? So in January 2020 Final Moves was born.

Our objectives are simple;

  • Create a hub of support and assistance for the elderly as they approach end of life
  • Build a library of resources to help others tackle the daunting task of clearing the home of their loved one.
  • Introduce a compassionate range of fee for service options for those needing physical assistance with preparing a deceased estate for handover or sale.
  • Link people to trustworthy and affordable support services

I continue to share my experiences and teach my kids to respect and revere our elderly members of society on Final Move at a time.

Best wishes